Ratty art by Swiftrat

From www.swiftrat.com

Swiftrat is a ratty friend of mine and also an artist. I asked if I could put few of her rat-related drawings up, since they're so adorable. Click on the links for larger versions.

Swiftrat also does commissions - you can contact her by emailing swiftrat@ahmegami.net.

Rollover Emma shows Swiftrat rolling over me as usual - she gets so excited that she forgets her own strength and squishes me! Look at my eyes boogling out...

Christmas ratties was a surprise Christmas present for me - with a pink-eyed-white and an agouti hooded, up to no good under the tree. Swiftrat does an excellent job on pink eyes - they look like shiny gems.

Fudge is a portrait of Fudge and her new litter - look at those chubby pinkies!

Bowen wa s a gift after our special boy Bowen died. It's gorgeous.

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