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16.02.03 - New rats, bridge rats:

We have lost a few rats recently - Una, Limpet, Breacan and Maddie. I have added them to the "past rats" page.

Maddie's death has created a lot of interest because she bled to death from a tiny cut on her toe - nothing could stop the bleeding, including our vet's efforts with coagulating drugs etc. It seems there MAY be a correlation between blue rats (Maddie was a blue agouti) and a haemophilia-like affliction, that has popped up occasionally in the past. Most Australian breeders have put their blue breeding programs on hold indefinitely, until more tests can be done.

It was very sad to lose Maddie so early, but her death may in turn bring awareness about this problem. It seems it was very lucky we couldn't breed her after all, or the problem may have spread through Central Queensland as well.

Our breeding program will resume later this year through RoyalOaks Tristan (mink berk) and RoyalOaks Iseult (mink berk). Along with Tristan and Iseult, we also have Jezebel, a mink self from RoyalOaks. Check out the "Our Rats" sections for their photos.


11.11.02 - New photos:

Added more photos in the gallery section


Site update:

TADA! Finally, an update. And with style sheets too, I might add.



We are still trying to breed either Missy or Maddie with Foxy (Blue agouti Berk x silvered fawn Berk, OR cinny self x silvered fawn Berk). Suddenly all of our rats are frustratingly chaste. It's been nearly 2 years since we had pinkies! Watch this space for updates.


Can't see your link or award?

It's highly likely that I have lost some links and awards during the process of updating (and a few computer changes as well). I'm positive that there are tonnes more useful ratty sites out there, so please send us your link! It's really nothing personal, I just have a really bad memory.



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