Useful links

Australian rat breeders

Large rattery in Brisbane, developer of the Downunder rat
Sparkle Sparkle Rattery Small rattery, Sydney
Mischief Makers Small Sydney rattery - large range of colours.
Parramatta breeder, registered AusRFS & NSWFRMC
Registered breeder in Launceston, Tasmania.
A small rattery/mousery near Parramatta, Sydney

Overseas breeders and other useful sites


Australian Rodent Fanciers Society

Rat's rule! Large site on rat care
Fancy rat breeder in the UK
Hammocks, cards, calendars, treats and more - Brisbane
Very large site on rats and mice
Rattery in Michigan. Lots of info and cute photos!
Alternative medicine for pet rats
Rat photography and artwork
Lots of ratty info, artwork and greetings
Especially for ratty newbies! Articles written by ratlisters.
RFC focuses on rats as companions. Around 540 members.
Got rat?