Our rats

Gallery of angels


Cinnamon self

Missy (Mischief) is Maddie's sister and lives up to her name. They are partners in crime - one distracts while the other escapes. We think Missy is almost a "satin" coated rat - she has gorgeous silky fur.



Silvered black DU Berkshire

Sophie the Three-Legged Wonder! One afternoon we discovered that Sophie suddenly only had 3 and a half legs. She had the rest of the missing leg amputated, and now gets around as if she never had 4 legs!


RoyalOaks Jezebel & RoyalOaks Iseult

Mink berk, mink self

Jezzy and Issy, our two minky girls from RoyalOaks. They are NUTS. RoyalOaks ratties are VERY well socialised. These girls are lovely!



Argente self

Dweia is another bRatpack rat. She is a fat little thing with lovely tan fur and that "dirty" grey undercoat that makes argente (lynx) ratties so interesting. Dwei is quite a shy rattie, and a real slippery thing to catch.



Champagne self

Siofra's name means "elf" or "pixie". It suits her. She used to undo cage latches and let herself (and cagemates) out. She is incredibly clever, and very docile. Click here to see how intelligent Sheefy is!


Bailey, Cointreau, Oliver

Champagne berk

One of our three little rescue boys. These three were inseparable, and even when we let them out to play, they would just cuddle up together and sleep. Unfortunately Cointreau and Oliver are now gone, but Bailey is good friends with Dash.



Agouti berkshire

Dashy is another pet-store rat. The woman at the store said "oh, don't take that one.. it's ugly.. take this little black one".. so I hugged our new little agouti boy and insisted that we would take him, thank you!


Royaloaks Tristan

Mink berkshire

Tristan is from RoyalOaks in Sydney - he joined us in January 2003. He will be the foundation buck in our new mink line, as unfortunately we never got to breed Ken. He will be mated to Royaloaks Iseult.


Criofan (Foxy)

Silvered fawn berkshire

Foxy came to us from Excalibur Rodents in Brisbane. He was our first silvered fawn rat, and he is a big, squishy lump who will put up with a lot of babying and hugs. He has a fantastic temperament.



Agouti hood

Ide is a sweet little agouti hood (we love agouti ratties). She came home from a pet store on the same day that we bought Fergus & Finlay.


Fergus & Finlay

Fawn hood

Fergus and Finlay are our two sweet fawn hooded boys - they came home to help cheer us up after our lovely champagne hooded boy, Bowen, had died. Fergus is the assertive one and Finlay is shy.